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monkeys    We believe in your instant gratification. We believe in simplicity and immediate value. We promise not to award you a pile of points we know you'll never use. We promise to always give you options of what to do with your data, personalize the conversation and speak to you as a human being, not a number or point on a map.

    We promise to appreciate you and let you feel appreciated. We know your attention, opinion and personal interests represent value. Our commitment to you is to always seek new and innovative ways for you to receive access to that value. In a day and age where everyone but you profits off of your data, we say enough is enough.

    Our approach to mobile is about giving you keys to the digital kingdoms around you. Wear the crown proudly. We won't stop until the distance between awesomeness is measured in feet not zip codes and your kingdom becomes reality.

    We believe in fun. We prioritize your entertainment over everything else. If you're bored, we've failed. We don't like to fail but when we do, we learn and get better. We promise to always find ways of making your experience better, in every way possible. We believe in transparency and openness and seek to incorporate your input into everything we do.

We're real people focused on ways to make real life more interesting. We like giving away real items to other real people in real time and we've only just begun...

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Brad Thorne & Jerry Broughton

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